“To My Son I Love You” Series Pocket Watch


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To My Son’s Necklace Military Chain Air Force Pendant as a Free Gift, which is a limited-time Udaney offer. It’s really cool! For a Birthday, Wedding, College Graduation, or Christmas, parents can give their son this wonderful gift. A fantastic present for boys and men!

‘To my Son, Never forget that I Love You, Forever,’ is laser engraved on each of our boys’ pocket watches. I hope you have the same faith in yourself as I have.’ They’re a unique keepsake that both Parents and Son will cherish for a lifetime!

Each gents watch is roughly 4.5cm in diameter and is suitably sized for most pockets. Our pocket watches come with a 40cm long pocket watch chain. Our men’s and boys’ fob watches are manufactured of superior zinc alloy and are bright and black in color to highlight the exquisite laser engraving.

Our fob pocket watches for boys and men nestle comfortably in the pocket and are easily fastened and accessed with the quality chain attachment, making them a trendy alternative to a traditional wristwatch.