Mess-Free Baby Imprint Kit


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The Mess-Free Baby Imprint Kit offers a quick and simple way to capture your baby’s imprints!


Take Your Baby’s Imprints In Seconds – Simply Press & Release!

Captures Extremely Detailed Prints With Just One Touch

Each Pad Is Reusable Up To Four Times To Let You Get The Perfect Print

Prevents Any Contact Between Baby’s Skin & Ink So There Is No Clean Up Required!



Get Something That You & Your Child Will Cherish Forever!


Raising a newborn is no easy task, but with our mess-free baby imprint kit, taking their tiny prints will be! Simply place the pad ink-side-down on any paper or card, gently press your baby’s hand or foot into the upward-facing side for a few seconds, and you’re done! A fast-drying, smudge-free, highly detailed imprint without the mess or any unnecessary clean up required! Now you can place it into a picture frame, photo album, or in storage for safe keeping! Picture frame is not included.


As an adult, pictures are a good memory of your childhood, but nothing beats seeing your little hand/foot imprint as an infant. Give your child the luxury of this irreplaceable & priceless memory!


Ideal For 0-12 Month Olds

Non-Toxic, Baby Safe Materials

Permanent Ink That Lasts Forever

Size: 9.5×5.7cm


Package Includes:

1x Printing Pad

2x Sheets of Paper

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